(This is for the fanfiction "Crossover Together". Info may change from canon information)

Pluton is a gigantic, Dragon-Class Demon, and is regarded as the largest of the Demons in the Underworld. He is the one summoned by Tirek to destroy the world.


It is unclear what kind of personality he has, aside from him picturing many beings as nothing but tiny insects, and showing little remorse towards those around him.


Wind PowersEdit

His most notable attribute is his ability to inhale tons of air, and blow gusts so strong that it can turn cities into wastelands in mere minutes.

Super StrengthEdit

Being the largest Demon seen in the story, Pluton is easily capable of lifting a building off the ground and swing it like a mace with little effort.


Pluton was summoned by Tirek on the outskirts of Central, Amestris, and was ordered to go and destroy said city as a start of his global rampage. Sombra tried to call him back, but Pluton attacked him and continued on anyway. Pluton arrived in Amestris soon after, and immediately began destroying the city in little time, killing hundreds and destroying countless miles of city in just a few hours. His rampage was broadcasted around the world and was considered a global emergency. During his rampage, he came across Envy, and quickly attacked him and sent him on his way, despite Envy being on the Underworld's side at the time. He continued his attack on Amestris until Team Harmony confronted him. Sebastian and Edward managed to critically wound him, and disable his wind powers, and he was assaulted by holy-water tank fire, crippling the giant demon. He was shown to still be alive, but then Nagisa threw Karma's Miracle Sword right through Pluton's head, ultimately killing him.