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Nagisa Shiota Is a returning junior high school student of Orora High School. He is the founding member of Team Harmony, and the main protagonist of Crossover Together. He once was apart of 3-B class before being put into 3-C due to lack of good grades at the start of the series, but placed into 3-A after returning from his rescue in Abaddon.


At the beginning of Crossover Together, Nagisa Shiota is shown as a quiet, and more observant student, often making observations but not acting much on them. Although quiet, he is mostly calm and collective with most situations thrown his way, though there are times when this calmness is broken, evident when he first met Pinkie Pie. He is also known to have a open mind, and usually the one coming up with more elaborate ideas when put on the spot, seeing things not many others do. He isn't really one to gloat, and often shrugs off much of his praise, most notably his defeat in Pluton, which he mostly credits Karma and Korosensei for rather than himself.

Throughout Season 1 and Season 2, he would usually stay back in a fight and let the more willing participants (mostly Karma Akabane, or Sebastian Michaelis) to handle the heavy lifting, but this changed after his faithful encounter with Tirek, and he started to develop a more heads-on approach, and became more active in the field than he used to be. He also used to be very worried over what the world would think of him after his first demon encounter, especially when the government got involved into it, but as time went by, this fear had ceased as well.

When it comes to his friends, he holds a far deeper care and protection to them than most would realize, most notably when Yugure Kagayaki went missing, prompting him to search for her for days on end, more than anyone else, and his utter determination to rescue Team Harmony from Abaddon.


Demon SenseEdit

Nagisa Shiota holds a unique ability that allows him to sense the aura of demons. This ability varies in intensity depending on how much demonic energy is present, though this can lead to pain if too much is brought on all at once. Nagisa can distinguish the identity of a demon depending on its aura.

Martial ArtsEdit

After training with Gaara, Nagisa had developed a higher skill in martial arts, becoming very agile and nimble in his attacks when compared to the fighting style his friends have.


Nagisa Shiota, as a child, was brought up by a questionably deranged mother, Hiromi Shiota, who forced him to attend an all-girls school. In a bit of irony, this is where he first met Yugure Kagayaki, and he became close friends with her fast until she had to move away. During this time away, he eventually grew so scared and fed up with his mom, that he ended up running away from her for good. The only one who knew about this was Twilight herself, who didn't find out until after he found a new home without her. He even got the owner of the building to pay for his room until he'll be old enough to graduate.


By the beginning of the series, Nagisa had made himself a home in an apartment complex, and made a decent living with himself. Upon his arrival back at school, he found his old friend returning from Canterlot High, along with a number of other transfer students. During his day, he also runs into Karma Akabane and Pinkie Pie as the day went on. Once school was done for the day, he went on his way home to get hit by his Halo Blade. Confused and hurt, he decided to leave it behind, only to not only find the Halo Blade back in his home, but Aladdin as well. After some time, Nagisa decided to let Aladdin stay with him until he figures out where his family was. Few days later, he went on to explain this to his friends, again finding Aladdin with him, and sometime later realized that he was a Magi. From there he was told about the possibility of Demons running around, which Aladdin reassured him that they won't target him. This was proven wrong later on that day, when his Demon Sense first activated and he found the Jizo. Nagisa was stuck in a fight with it for a while, and almost got himself killed, but he managed to kill it by making it weaken a streetlight, which fell and crushed it.

He and Twilight did some investigation on the matter, and revealed to the others of the Homunculus Oroboros symbol, soon before a pack of houndour arrived and attacked them. Nagisa tried to keep them away from him as best he could until the pack was killed by Karma and Pinkie.

During the midterms, Nagisa ended up being called down by Gakuho Asano, mainly in regards to a earlier problem with Blair showing up in Nagisa's closet. Nagisa promised it won't happen again, just to be told to be Gakuho's "retriever", and to spy onto the 3-E Building, which he reluctantly accepted. He went out the next day with Blair and Aladdin, and first discovered the happenings of Korosensei, and the assassination attempts being practiced there, only to be found out when he looked around in 3-E's weapon shed. Upon returning, Nagisa tried to reassure Gakuho no one found out, but didn't work, and he was almost sent to 3-E until Karma took his place, surprising him.

When the finals came, Nagisa was called down to the principals office, along with Karma, Twilight, and Pinkie, Nagisa sensing Sombra's presence inside before they entered. He found Gakuho had been possessed by Sombra, and actually tried to attack him when Sombra threatened Karma's life. In the end, when Sombra told them about the "game" they'll be playing, Nagisa reluctantly accepts to it, seeing no other option.

Season 2Edit

Nagisa was given the chance to go to England by Pinkie once summer started, and at first he refused to go, but after getting his first Future Sight by Lugia, he decided to go, believing that something big will need his involvement there in some way.

Upon arriving, he began to experience the Future sight taking place, and was the first to see Ciel Phantomhive, and sensing his demonic attributes. Later on in the day, he and the others were invited to the Phantomhive Manor, and while he found this a bit suspicious, agreed to go. During their stay at the manor however, Nagisa began to feel anxious and troubled due to Sebastian Michaelis's presence, enough to make him go outside in order to calm down. Twilight found him out there, and he decided to wait it out until after their lunch. Once Ciel got kidnapped shortly after however, he went with the rest in order to rescue him, him going straight to Ciel as Karma distracted Envy.

Upon returning to their vacation home, Nagisa was found by Sebastian and Ciel again, and it was here when he found out about their demonic involvement, and Sebastian being a demon. When asked about him trying to kill them, he quickly refused saying how he saved them earlier.

After their second visit to the manor, Nagisa and the others found that Twilight was missing, but at first Nagisa felt it wasn't anything wrong since it was Twilight, and he felt she wouldn't lie to him. However, once he figured it out, he went on trying to find her for the days to follow, trying to get help from Undertaker in the process. During the search, he and the group were invited to the royal ball, Nagisa only going because of the risk of Homunculi activity going on there, though he had to dress as a girl in order to do that, much to his embarrassment. During the party, he found out that Seitenshi was also attending much to his shock, and he tried to keep his identity a secret from her particularly as he tried to locate the Homunculus. Once he did, he got the group together and tried to find them, but he went into a trap on a balcony, and nearly got killed because of it, only being saved by Korosensei.

He was very overjoyed once he did finally find Twilight, and he brought her back to the others, but quickly found out about her involvement with Hellgar, and promised her that they'll protect her from him no matter what the case maybe. This promise kept up when The Queen called them in and after giving them some information, asked him and the others to join her guard for the night. When Hellgar did show up, he tired to fight them off, but when Hellgar split them up, Nagisa quickly came up with a plan to use one of the pillars as a escape route for those trapped in the fire. He got Aladdin and Victoria out safely, but had to evacuate and leave Twilight and Ciel behind. He grew very worried, but was relieved to find them alive and well thanks to Sebastian.

Season 3Edit

Before he and his friends could go back home, Nagisa and the others were tasked to go with Ciel Phantomhive to Amestris to consult with King Bradley about possible Homunculus activity, to which he decided to go after the group did. One night on their way up, Nagisa had his first true encounter with Lugia, and the revelation that it was him who gave Nagisa and Twilight the Future Sight visions. During their talk, he showed Nagisa the aftermath of Pluton's attack, but not told when or how it'll happen. Nagisa didn't blame Lugia though, saying how no one's perfect. During the train ride up, Nagisa and company were encountered by Lust and Gluttony, both of which tried to kill them, but he and the others were saved by Edward Elric.

Once he and the others arrived into Central, he was given the chance to stay at Central until the task was complete, and during this, he took the opportunity to eavesdrop in on a meeting between Bradley and Victoria, under the suspicion that Envy could be in there on the meeting as well, finding out that Victoria knew about Aladdin being a magi. However, Pinkie tackled him under the same suspicion, and called him a Homunculus, almost getting him killed by King Bradley. He was only saved when Sebastian proved he can't recover like a homunculus by cutting his hand. It took a while before he found him out, and was involved in Sebastian's plan to capture Envy, charging at him with Twilight and throwing the Homunculus off balance, securing his capture.

Just prior to the Pluton rampage, it was Nagisa who sensed him first thanks to his demon sense, the demonic energy so strong it made him double over, and collapse onto his knees. He tried his absolute hardest during the attack to take him down, coming up with the elaborate plan of luring Pluton to the center of Central, and firing him with holy-water tank ammunition. When that failed to kill him, in desperation, Nagisa grabbed Karma's Miracle Sword, and got Korosensei to fly him above Pluton to make the finishing blow. The blast however separated him from Korosensei, ultimately "killing" him.

Nagisa woke up from there in Synapse as a soul, and as he looked around to try and figure things out, he ran into Lugia again, and found out that he didn't die, and that the powers of the Miracle Sword was recovering him. He was relieved to be alive still, but Lugia also told him that his body had to be teleported away, but Nagisa took that in stride, claiming that he was ready for anything at that point. Upon waking up, he tried to find his way back to the others, only to run into Gaara, and then later on that night, Tirek. He was openly mocked for his lack of involvement, and upon waking up, and after another encounter with the demon king, decided to go back to Gaara and got him to start training him. The days continued on, and he developed his martial arts from there, until one night when Tirek arrived to kill Gaara, blaming Nagisa for it. Nagisa managed to cut off one of Tirek's horns, and proclaimed to him that he will take them down, before driving Tirek away. Sometime after this was when he and Gaara save Twilight and Aladdin from Gluttony, and by the next morning, being reunited with them.

He arrived back to Central with them, yet after telling his story, he found Tirek waiting for them. Nagisa decided to face Tirek in a one-on-one match, just to find Gluttony showing up in his pure form, giving him the option to pick which fighter, to which Nagisa ultimately decided to fight them both. He fought them both for a long while, getting brutally beaten up for the first half of it, but he won the match after making Tirek attack and hurt Gluttony, making them both collapse. Nagisa closed his eyes and killed Tirek with his own Halo Blade into his throat.

After the fight, Nagisa got healed up, and before they went for home, he gave his predictions and Future visions to Ciel, Ed, and Gaara to help them for the future.

Season 4Edit

He was grateful to be back home once he arrived back in Tokyo Japan, and due to the Pluton victory was praised by his school, and given a higher respect than he had before. While at school, he was informed by Ciel over the phone, the conversation hinting to him that he, Ed, and Al would be attending his school in future, decision made based off of the visions given to him. However, after Heine Wittgenstein's arrival, he found that Aladdin had ran off, and Nagisa managed to track him down first and figure out what the problem was, finding out about his involvement with an escaped Djinn. He got Aladdin to come back to Heine, but was found by Lust and got caught up in a fight, getting his hand cut and Halo Blade destroyed in the process. Sometime afterwards, he, Twilight, and Pinkie were invited to go up to Elysium as a field trip by Heine Wittgenstein, in which he and Twilight had found the local library. While there, he found that Undertaker worked there, and was told some information about Lugia, making him and Twilight decide to try and figure out where he truly was.

Nagisa tried to contact him in Synapse, but his stay there revealed Gakuho Asano's attack on Heine, a Crow Tengu killing Karma, and Envy's capture by Selim Bradley. He quickly warned the others about it the next morning, and got them all on board to not make these visions happen, starting with Heine Wittgenstein. As school went just before lunch, he and Twilight snuck off to Gakuho's office, Nagisa himself peering in just to find his vision correct, and Gakuho holding a gun, which he quickly informed the others about. Once Gakuho arrived to finish Heine off, Nagisa tried his hardest to deter him, only to have the gun turned on him, yet he was saved when Ciel entered the scene and convinced him to stop. After the event with the Crow Tengu, he went in to check on Ed and Karma, being informed that they have a meeting with Celestia to attend to, and upon arriving there, he was tasked with the capture of a number of demons by Celestia herself, something Nagisa took with confidence.

Afterwards, he tried finding Lugia again in Synapse, but instead getting a more detailed version of Envy's capture. Upon receiving this, Nagisa took it on himself, and decided to disguise himself as Envy and take the fall for him. Twilight found him before he could go, yet Nagisa promised her he'll come back, but before he left, he gave Twilight a kiss, establishing his love to her before leaving. He was soon caught by Salim, and taken back to Tartarus, believing he was Envy. It wasn't until Sombra arrived that he was found out, and Nagisa prepared to be killed, but Ed and Al then came in and managed to get him out. Nagisa managed to escape with Edward and Alphonse by making a similar portal, and finally arriving back to the Surface World.

Season 5Edit

Upon returning, Nagisa tried again to contact Lugia, this time finally getting through to him. On this encounter, he explained to Lugia that he had saved both Heine and Karma Akabane from death, but at first wasn't believed. It wasn't until after the rest of Team Harmony appeared did Lugia believe Nagisa, but still hadn't found out where Lugia was located. The following morning, Nagisa and his friends worked out who was going to be finding the other demons, with him going with Winry Rockbell, Edward Elric, and Twilight to find the Great Tengu.

Upon their arrival, Nagisa quickly took note of his presence when they got to the shrine in the Hokkaido mountains, sensing his presence. He confronted the Tengu and soon got into battle, but he along with the others quickly stopped when Edward suffered a deep injury due to a vision he saw. That night, he and Edward decide to confront the Great Tengu personally, in order to figure out what the vision was about. The encounter went fairly calmly, but he didn't receive any straight answer. On the way back, he encountered Sombra in his following dream. He was told to calm down, as Sombra couldn't harm him in the dream. Nagisa got spoken down to over his decision back in Tartarus, though he already knew he messed up in that regard. He managed to find out Sombra's distaste for humanity and reason behind, and Nagisa insisted that he can't blame an entire race for something they were unaware of (mainly their effects on the Overworld and Underworld). When asked of his Future Sight, Nagisa joked it up to simply dreams, which was enough to convince Sombra, and that he will be ready for when their final encounter would come.

When he returned home, he got caught up with everyone else in their own adventures, and was told the true backstory behind Ed, Al, and Winry. He and the others arrived to catch up to them both soon after they ran off, telling them that he didn't believe Alex Armstrong could bring back their parents even if he wanted to. During this though, he and the rest of the team were ambushed by the Great Tengu again. With their combined efforts, they managed to defeat him, but were ambushed by the Slicer Brothers. Only he, Aladdin, and Blair managed to escape the capture, and in the end he decided to get them back.

Season 6Edit

He got Aladdin to pass word back to his school on his plans, as he and Blair stocked up to go. Before he could leave however, he was found by Envy, Kirara Hazama, Rio Nakamura, Ryoma Terasaka, Taisei Yoshida, and Takuya Muramatsu, all who wanted to go with them to get Team Harmony back. He gave them all a warning that if a fight does start in the Underworld, there would be no holding back and they will try to kill them, before they all entered the Underworld.

The group landed over by the Styx River, which left them far away from Tartarus. So, Nagisa and the others started to travel towards their destination. During this, they came across Blair's old clan, and met with Yoruichi Shihoin. He and the others had to stay the night due to the risks of Hollows finding them, before he moved on. They made it over the river, and into the Great Rift, but ended up grounded when they came across a flock of Carrion Crows. During this when they met up with Morgiana, and later on were found by a pack of Fanalis. Nagisa made it clear that he would fight them anytime if they would try and attack any of them, not flinching when one of them charged him. When Masrur kidnapped Aladdin, he quickly gave chase until they reached a huge canyon, which the Fanalis made it over and tempting them to jump. Nagisa backed up and was the first to jump, making it across, and proving himself to the other Fanalis. He and the others were given a place to stay at their tribe, and Nagisa tried to get their support in their fight with the Demons, as Fanalis hated them too. He was disappointed the next morning as none of them came along, but he felt it was for the best.

In arriving to Abaddon, he readied to go inside, but was insisted by the rest of the group that he should wait out there as Sombra would want him to go in. He himself didn't go in until after the prison raised alarm, him rushing in with the rest to find his friends at the front. This turned out to be a set-up, and Chrysalis almost killed him on the spot. After finding out she took all their abilities, he confronted her by himself, and ended up getting his Demon Sense sucked away. This however gave Chrysalis a severe migraine due to the demon sense going off, and Nagisa told her she'll have to give it all up to make the pain stop, which she had no choice but to accept. Once regained of their powers, he got them all out of Abaddon and back home.

With his return, he found from Gakuho Asano himself that he was moved up to 3-A in his school - much to his surprise. He also learned later on that a new teacher, Kyoya Ootori, had set up training classes at the E building. He also learned during his first visit that he was the reincarnation of Sebastian.

After one of his days at school, he came back home to find that Aladdin had actually found his mother, and brought her back home. This terrified Nagisa, and after catching Hiromi up on things, got Aladdin to fly away from their home while he dealt with her. When Hiromi suggested that he'd find a different school, he urgently insisted that he stay, which resulted in him getting some physical abuse: Hiromi screaming and berating him while yanking at his hair and slamming his head. Nagisa relented and apologized, only grateful that the others didn't see it happen. He went with her to a meeting to remove him (dressed as a girl under Hiromi's demand), and he simply stayed quiet throughout as he felt unable to say anything with his mother around. On arriving home that night, he got a vision telling him that Hiromi was going to poison him, which resulted in him running out on her again. He made his way back to Orora high, and got to the rooftop where Hiromi caught up with him. Now braver than before, he told her that he was not going to listen to her anymore, reminding her how much he succeeded without her there, even saying that if she couldn't see that, then it was no surprise that his father left her. Hiromi attacked him then, beating him senseless until Undertaker and Aladdin arrived and saved him. When seeing Hiromi go after Aladdin next, Nagisa attacked her and kept her back, restating that it was him who'll decide where his life's going. He simply left with Undertaker and Aladdin, leaving Hiromi on the roof.

He continued on to live outside of his own home, refusing to stay there long as Hiromi was, and this kept up after he find out Sombra's backstory, and after his trip into the Shinigami Realm. During his visit there, Undertaker gave him a spell which normally only Chrysalis would use. By the time Lugia finally came back around, and after he explained his situation, Nagisa pulled him away afterwards and gave him his "backup plan" in case they couldn't finish Sombra off the first time. This had Lugia give Nagisa a Future Vision on the upcoming final fight.

Prior to the final assault on Sombra's kingdom, Nagisa explained the plan to everyone and assigned the platoon leaders: Karma and Morgiana for platoon 1, Edward and Alphonse for platoon 2, and Envy as the guide for the assassination group. He had Pinkie and Blair stay in the surface world whenever any demons slip up there during the attack, and for ciel to stay close to Lugia. When the initial fight began, his group slipped into a secret tunnel system, leading to the Homunculus chamber, where he came across Pride. Envy gave him and the others time to get passed him, as much as Nagisa didn't want to leave him behind. His group managed to find sombra, but were too late to stop him going into the surface world. He got Aladdin to spread word of "Plan B", before the squad got into the surface world themselves. On arrival, he and the team quickly got everyone in position for Sombra's arrival, but he ended up getting tricked at the last minute. He was too late to stop Sombra from taking control of Lugia, and his group tried to stop him but to no avail. He finally resorted to his backup-plan, and confronted the possessed Lugia alone. He tried one final time to convince Sombra they weren't all as evil as he claimed them to be, and that he himself promised they will all change. Sombra released a full powered blast of energy, and with his focus, he successfully sucked in all of Sombra, and Lugia's power. He released it all to the world itself before he completely collapsed.

He woke up two weeks later on in a hospital bed, wondering if he was alive or that they were both dead and in Synapse again. He was told that if he kept their powers any longer he would've killed himself trying, and that Korosensei had spruced up Tokyo as he was asleep. Lugia himself told him that his release had fully connected all three worlds together, and that all of them were now one single realm. He smiled, thinking that it would be time for all three worlds to get to know eachother better.

At the end, he graduated, and saw his mother and father together during the ceremony. He makes one final note that it'll be a whole new world now, and that they'll all go through it together.