(This is for the fanfiction "Crossover Together". Info may change from canon information)


Humans are the dominant species of the Surface World, and only known sentient species of the realm.


Humans are the most widespread sentient species of the realms, and can be commonly found in numerous locations all over the Surface World. As they live in a world not strictly holy or unholy, Humans are highly diverse and unique amongst eachother, not holding to one specific side.

Their views on Angels and Demons are varied, though the overall human opinion is that Angels are good, and that Demons are evil. Prior to the Pluton incident, leading humans typically try to keep unnatural events covered up, to avoid any hysteria amongst other human beings.



A subspecies of Human is known to exist within the Underworld known as the Fanalis. Fanalis are naturally stronger and faster than normal humans, and can be distinguished physically from their naturally red hair and eyes, which all Fanalis have. Pureblood Fanalis originate from The Great Rift.